Will Tennis Shoes Melt In The Dryer? Best Guide [2022]

A dryer is a great way to quickly and efficiently get clothes dry, but it can also be a fire hazard. Dryers heat up clothes, which can cause some items to dissolve, while others can start smoking if they are not properly ventilated. So a question arises: will tennis shoes melt in the dryer?

Yes, they can dissolve if there is no proper care or if a person doesn’t read about the precautions of sneakers.

Keep reading to understand and prevent your favorite shoes from going to the garbage.

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Will Tennis Shoes Melt In The Dryer?

Put your sneakers in the machine with clothes and you might end up with a melted mess on your hands. If not properly vented or placed on low heat, shoes can easily mellow in drier. Therefore it is important to only put the right items in the dryer at one time and make sure that they are vented correctly to avoid a disastrous outcome.

Will Tennis Shoes Melt In The Dryer?

Court shoes are cotton and other materials, so they can shrink when they are put in the dryer. This is caused by heat and high-speed spinning of the dryer. Material can break down over time, which can shorten its lifespan.

It is not uncommon for people to accidentally put their clothes, including their sneakers, into machines. However, this should never be done because it can lead to the shrinking of clothes and shoes at high temperatures.

How To Avoid Melting In The Dryer

In the age of our clothes being washed and dried by machines, it can be difficult to remember what not to put in a dryer. Therefore, If you put your sneakers in the dryer, the temperature of the dryer must keep low. This can help you to keep your shoes safe. The following things should be handled with care when you put them in the dryer.

  1. Court shoes, sneakers, and other similar footwear should never be put in a dryer because they would fade.
  2. It is safe to put clothes made from wool or cotton in a dryer.
  3. Be careful when putting jeans or pants in the drier because they will shrink down and might get stuck on other clothing.

Things To Handle With Care In A Dryer

Will Tennis Shoes Melt In The Dryer?

There is a lot of confusion about what we can and cannot put in drier. The answer to this question is that we cannot put anything with METAL in the dryer.

We should never put shoes in the drier as they could break them if we don’t know how to keep the temperature of the drier in control. We also should not put clothespins or any other metal object as they could cause damage to the machine and it would be hard for us to open it later on.

Besides, there are two different types of sneakers, one you wear only for sports purposes and the other is you can wear with your jeans to go out.

difference between two types of sneakers:

If you own sports shoes, you should wash them after every use because they get stinky and germs can spread fast. The best way to wash them is by using a sponge with soap and water or by hand washing them with lukewarm water – never hot. Don’t put these shoes in the drier.

If you own shoes for jeans, these are most probably made of cloth, Then your shoes can go in the dryer, but keep the temperature of the drier very low.


Will tennis shoes melt in the dryer? Yes, they can melt down in a drier if the temperature of the drier is high. It also depends upon the material type. if your shoes are made of cloth then at a low temperature you can put them in the machine. the best practice is to wash your shoes using any sponge or brush instead of a machine.

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