What to Wear with Tennis Shoes? The Best Outfits for Every Occasion

Dresses With Tennis Shoes

What to wear with tennis shoes?

Another great idea for tennis shoes with dresses is a casual dress, like a maxi dress. This look is completely effortless and perfect for festivals or summer days at the beach. Tennis shoes look amazing with maxi dresses because they keep your feet protected from any prickly plants on the ground but still allow you to stay cool in the summer heat.

Furthermore, dresses with tennis shoes also apply to shorts and skirts. Tennis shoes look great with denim skirts from the 1960s or 70s because they make for a fun vintage outfit. However, how to dress up your old tennis sneakers can also be modernized by pairing them with some cute shorts and a simple top. This look is easy to achieve and even easier to pull off, which makes it perfect for how to wear tennis shoes with shorts or skirts!

Tennis Shoe Outfit

A perfect outfit is a denim dress or skirt paired with some colorful sneakers. This look is extremely easy to put together and works well because it’s a simple outfit that won’t distract from the shoes.

Another outfit worth mentioning would be a pair of printed pants, like a leopard print pair, matched with an elegant top. This look is extremely chic and perfect for the office or a night out on the town. Moreover, how to dress up your old sneakers is made simple by pairing them with any of your favorite prints!

Tennis Shoes For Casual Outfits

Although this may seem like an obvious kind of look, it goes to show how versatile tennis shoes are as footwear. They can be paired with anything from casual dresses to everyday tees and everything in between.

Another great casual look for What to wear with tennis shoes? is a pair of denim shorts or a skater skirt paired with sneakers. This look gives off the impression that you’re put together but still love going casual, which makes it perfect for any occasion! The idea behind this ensemble is pretty simple: what do I usually wear in the summer? The answer is shorts, skirts, and tennis shoes!

Tennis Shoes With Jeans

Another casual outfit idea of dresses with tennis shoes is jeans. They are perfect because they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion! For example, if you’re planning a date with your significant other then you can dress up your jeans with a cute top and heels.

However, what to wear with tennis shoes also works for other casual outfits! In this case, you can simply throw on a t-shirt and shorts or skirt over the jeans and add some cute sneakers. This outfit is perfect for running errands or going shopping because both of these activities look better in tennis shoes and jeans.

Tennis Shoes For Work

For those who work in a professional setting, having cute tennis shoes that still manage to complement the outfit is important. Luckily, tennis shoes have inspired many outfits that are perfect for how to dress your old sneakers up for work!

Another great work outfit idea that would look great with tennis shoes is a pair of dress pants and a blouse. This outfit is perfect for the office because it’s formal enough to get you through security but also cute! Furthermore, this outfit can easily be dressed up or down depending on your needs and how to wear tennis shoes couldn’t make it easier!

Tennis Shoes For Weddings

For those who have to dress up for weddings, finding outfits that are cute but don’t require heels is incredibly important. Although dress shoes are the obvious choice, tennis shoes are another great alternative if heels prevent you from attending a wedding or event!

A nice outfit idea for weddings would be a dress paired with some tennis shoes. Most importantly, the color of the dress and shoes should match! In this case, a red dress would be best complemented by a pair of matching red sneakers.

Another cute outfit idea for any wedding is a casual dress or skirt and some nice tennis shoes. Although this look isn’t as fancy as the first, it can still make you comfortable while looking great on your next special occasion!

Tennis Shoes For Traveling

For those who love going on trips but need something comfortable to travel in yet stylish enough for sightseeing once there, wearing tennis shoes is an ideal choice. The fact that they are light makes them easier to carry around everywhere and their color makes them a perfect addition to any cute travel outfit!

A great outfit idea for traveling is a pair of denim shorts and a tee with some tennis shoes. This look is ideal because it’s casual enough that you can feel comfortable during flights or plane rides, but also cute enough that you won’t be underdressed once there.

In this case, the more distressed your jeans are the better because they’ll add some character to this otherwise basic outfit.

Summer Outfits With Tennis Shoes

Another great summer trip idea is a cute romper and matching tennis shoes! To dress up this look, simply slip on some sandals so you still get to show off those pretty toes!

Alternatively, if you don’t want to shave your legs in the summer heat, you can always match your romper with some cute shorts and tennis footwear!

Another summer travel outfit idea is a casual dress with some matching tennis shoes. This outfit will be the most comfortable to wear when traveling but also looks great once you arrive at your destination.

A final cute outfit idea for what to wear with tennis shoes when traveling is a pair of shorts with some nice tennis footwear. Although this look isn’t as fancy as the others, it’s still just as cute! Furthermore, this is another type of look that works for any occasion because it’s so simple yet stylish! No matter where or when this look will definitely make you stand out in a crowd!

Cute Tennis Shoes To Wear With Dresses

Although tennis shoes are mostly worn casually, they can also be dressed up to look more stylish! If you’re not sure what outfits would work with your tennis shoes, here are some cute outfit ideas for your new sneakers.

A great outfit idea for What to wear with tennis shoes? is a simple pair of black pants and a blouse with some matching Adidas Superstar sneakers. This look is perfect for the office because it’s formal enough that you’ll feel comfortable in an interview or important meetings, but still cute enough that it won’t be boring!

Another great way to wear shoes with dresses is by pairing them with shorts. This is one of my favorite looks when wearing because it’s so casual yet super cute! For this outfit idea, simply pair a matching dress or skirt and some tennis shoes and you’re good to go!

An adorable look for casual occasions is a simple dress with some tennis shoes. Whether it’s a short party dress or a long maxi dress, this look will make you stand out and feel comfortable at the same time! If you don’t want to sacrifice style in the summer heat, try pairing it to some cute shorts!

A great outfit idea for when wearing is actually borrowed from men: wearing your new sneakers with jeans. This may seem like an unusual way of styling your new Adidas Superstar sneakers but it actually makes them look great! This is one of my favorite outfit ideas when I’m looking for something creative to wear with my sneakers.

This is yet another great option for dressing up old tennis footwear! I think these are some of the ways to style your old kicks because they look so cute and casual at the same time. Although this outfit idea may seem simple, it’s one of the best casual outfit ideas you can try!

The last ensemble idea for what to wear with tennis shoes is pairing them with shorts. This type of look will make your legs look longer and make wearing Adidas Superstar sneakers more fun than ever before! It’s also a great summer outfit idea because it’s super comfy and casual while still looking cute! As long as you choose printed or patterned shorts, this look will definitely help you stand out

FAQ: What to Wear with Tennis Shoes?

What can I wear tennis shoes with?

As it’s discussed in the article, Tennis shoes can be matched with some kinds of clothes and are suitable for any type of top. And also the outfits can be combined in a lot of ways. It’s a good idea to learn how to wear tennis shoes in the proper way so you will look more stylish and attractive with them on.

What kind of pants do you wear with tennis shoes?

There are lots of types of pants or jeans that can be matched with tennis shoes. And you can choose the most appropriate pants in a different case. For example, if you go traveling outdoors in summer, shorts will be a good choice for you to wear your tennis shoes. But if you are going to attend the party, it’s better for you to wear dress pants with shiny footwear.

How can I look stylish with sneakers?

What goes with athletic shoes?

Athletic shoes are also called sneakers. The most important thing when wearing tennis shoes is to match them with the clothes in terms of color and style, so you can look more stylish with them on. Generally speaking, we recommend that you choose jeans and T-shirts as basic items so that you can wear your sports footwear more freely and easily.

If you want to wear athletic shoes with skirts, we suggest that it’s better for you to choose the ones without shoelaces and make them look more simple. Or you can match your sports footwear with sweatpants which are easy-matching clothes. In addition, to leaner individuals, flip-flops or open heels would be a better match.

If you want to wear athletic footwear with shorts, we suggest that the color of your basic clothes and sneakers should be matched in terms of style and formality. For example, if your shorts are casual, choose sports shoes that make you look more formal; while if your shorts are dressy or shiny, choose shoes with a little formal feeling.


This article has given you some great outfit ideas for What to wear with tennis shoes? such as wearing Adidas Superstar sneakers casually and dressing up your old sneakers. Whether it’s a short dress or jean shorts, these articles have many different cute outfits that will work great with your tennis shoes! Now just pick out the style that works best for you and start creating unique looks using your new sneakers!

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