What Shoes To Wear For Tennis – Beginner Guide (2022)

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced tennis player, having the right shoes is important. In this post, we will discuss the different types of shoes that are available on the market and what might be the best option for you. We will also look at some tips on what shoes to wear for tennis. So read on to learn more!

How to find the right pair of shoes?

Good Grip To Prevent You From Slipping

The first thing that you need to look for when buying a pair of shoes is whether they have a good grip. Tennis shoes should have ridges on the bottom to prevent slipping, so it will be best if you choose ones with these ridges.

You also want your feet to stay firmly planted on the ground without sliding around. This way you will feel more confident about hitting the ball and making sure that it goes where you intended it to go.


What Shoes To Wear For Tennis

Tennis shoes should have holes so that air can flow in them from time to time as you play tennis, as this helps prevent the feet from getting too sweaty since it has somewhere to escape through. This is why it is very important for tennis shoes to have ventilation for they help keep the feet dry and cool even after several hours of intense use.

Also, make sure that the material used doesn’t cause too much discomfort because if they do then all of your focus will be on what’s bothering you instead of the game.

Snug Fit Around Your Feet

You don’t want to have too much room left in the shoe because they might slip when you move and this can cause you to trip or fall which can ruin a tennis match instantly. You also need them to be comfortable enough so that you won’t feel any pain after a few hours of playing tennis.

Some manufacturers make shoes with comfy insoles, for example, which provides cushioning and helps prevent all kinds of foot issues such as blisters (which is very common especially if the shoes are not of good quality).

Should Be Flexible At The Toes

Make sure that the shoe is flexible at the front part because it will be easier for you to control your shots when the feet are not restricted by a pair of shoes that are too rigid. Having a flexible shoe also allows better ankle movement and prevents you from accidentally injuring yourself when playing, which is very common in case you have stiff tennis boots that do not bend or twist.

Should Have A Low-Profile Design

You don’t want the tennis shoes to be bulky because this will limit your movements a lot and cause a lot of discomforts since they fit tightly around the feet. When buying the right size, it makes sense to get about half an inch between where your toes end and where the shoes start so that there’s enough room for moving around quickly on the court without any problems.

There are a lot of tennis shoes out there that have a low-profile design which should be a good choice for you.

Types of Tennis Shoes Available On the Market

This might help to find what shoes to wear for tennis? and know the different types of Tennis Shoes that are available today:

Casual Tennis Shoes

This type of shoe is also known as an athletic shoe and it is usually inexpensive. It will offer good traction, but not as much as a tennis-specific shoe will.

They are made with lightweight materials and they offer little ankle support, so if you twist your ankle easily then this may not be suitable for you.

Tennis-Specific Shoes

This is a type of tennis shoe that is specially designed to cater to those who play the sport and it offers much more support and flexibility than casual athletic footwear do.

They’re usually made with breathable materials like mesh and they also have “lugs” on them which means there are ridges on the outsole, giving you better traction when moving around.

Lace-up Tennis Shoes

A lace-up tennis shoe takes its name from the fact that it has laces all around which help tighten the fit. They are typically more comfortable than other types of tennis shoes because they provide a much snugger fit around the feet, but the downside is that they’re not easy to remove in case you need to change quickly due to perspiration or any foot issues that require attention.

This type of shoe is best for those who have flat feet since it provides them with better support.

Tennis slipper

A tennis slipper looks exactly how it sounds like, which means it’s basically a regular casual-style shoe with laces. However, unlike regular lace-up shoes, the tongue isn’t sewn into the rest of the upper so that it can be removed for easier access to your foot when needed.

Although slippers are not meant for people who play regularly, they are great shoes to wear when you’re at the club watching your friends or family play tennis.

Tennis Shoe Sole Patterns

This type of shoe usually has a high-top design and it also comes with an ergonomic removable insole which is very soft and comfortable on the feet. It’s not cheap, but you can use them without the insoles as well so that they will serve you longer.

However, keep in mind that removing the insoles can cause greater instability because it means there’ll be fewer ingredients holding the foot inside the shoe, so this should only be done if you have a pair of custom orthotics you need to stick onto your footwear instead.

If possible then just go for a regular shoe because they offer better stability and you don’t have to worry about comfort.

Tips on what shoes to wear for tennis

  • Keep in mind that you need to find a shoe that fits well around the entire foot, including the arch of your foot. You may want to buy a few different types of tennis shoes to try on before choosing one if you can’t decide which one will fit best, but be sure they are all of the same brands so they’re similar in size and fit with each other.
  • Don’t get a bigger size thinking it’s going to help you since this will only make the shoe bigger overall and more difficult for your foot to fit into comfortably
  • Avoid any kind of stiff leather because it will stick to the tennis court and cause you difficulty with moving around.
  • Avoid buying footwear that have been worn because they can’t support your feet properly. They can also have potential injuries from being used by other people, so there’s really no need in having multiple pairs of shoes for just one person to use.
  • If possible then try on sneakers before buying them over the Internet or when trying them on at the store without purchasing them since this way you’ll be able to see how well they fit your feet.
  • Try wearing socks when trying out new tennis shoes so it will provide extra support and cushioning in case you step down too hard inside it. This is especially important since some sneakers do not come with insoles included in their design
  • Choose a colour that will match the rest of your outfit.
  • Make sure the shoes are comfortable and fit well.
  • You may want to consider shoes with extra cushioning if you have joint pain or arthritis in your feet or lower legs.
  • Tennis shoes should have an outsole that is good on both hard and clay courts.

Tennis Shoes Age Wishe

Best tennis shoes for beginners

Most beginner tennis players tend to get the wrong type of shoes, which is why it’s best for them to get a shoe that is designed with beginner players in mind. Tennis shoes made specifically for newbie players have special features that help newbies develop their skills without limitations so they can grow into playing more seriously later on.

Most shoes for newbie players are around the $50 range.

The right footwear for you can depend on your feet, whether you have broad or narrow feet, and if you get regular flat feet then you might want to consider getting extra cushioning for them too.

Best Tennis Shoes For Adults

For adults, it’s best to get a tennis shoe that has good cushioning in the sole and around the sides of the foot so they can provide comfort when playing tennis. Additionally, if you have flat feet or joint pain then it’s especially important to get footwear with extra cushioning.

The right tennis shoe for adults will cost around $70 – $90.

Best Tennis Shoes For Seniors

Seniors need good support especially around the ankles, which is why it’s important for them to get shoes that have high ankle support.

The right shoe for seniors will cost around $80 – $120.

Best Tennis Shoes For Kids

Kids are better off getting a regular sneaker instead of a tennis shoe since they will probably only be playing on the court for about an hour or so. Kids don’t need extra support, but if their ankles are weak then it’s best to get footwear with good ankle support

The right pair of shoes for kids costs around $30 – $50, sometimes more depending on how much cushioning they have.

There are many special features that can help you find the right tennis shoes for your game, like increased ankle support or extra cushioning for weaker arches. So keep these features in mind when trying on shoes to see what will work best for you. For the most part, though the main thing is to find a shoe that feels lightweight, comfortable, and fits well.

Tennis Shoes Gender Wise

Best Tennis Shoes For Women

Women do not typically have any specific needs when it comes to finding the right tennis shoe and can usually get away with wearing men’s tennis shoes. But for smaller feet, it might be a good idea to get a women-specific shoe since they will fit better than a men’s shoe.

There are no special features that women really need in tennis shoes, but getting a lightweight shoe is still recommended.

The right pair of shoes for women should cost around $70 – $90.

Best Tennis Shoes For Men

Men will benefit from having additional support and cushioning in their footwear since they tend to play more intensely compared to women or beginners.

Some sneakers have an outsole that makes it good for playing on clay as well as hard courts, but if you mostly play on clay then it’s best to look for a shoe with a softer outsole.

The right pair of shoes for men should cost around $80 – $120.

Tennis Shoes For Feet Type

Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet

If you have flat feet and want extra cushioning, then it’s best to look for a shoe with good cushioning in the sides and near the ankle since this is where your feet will take most of the impact when you land.

The right pair of shoes for flat feet should cost around $70 – $90.

Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet

For wide feet, it’s best to find a shoe with a wide toe box so your feet will have enough room when you play tennis. It’s good to find shoes with high support from the sides and around the ankle in case you do a lot of jumping on the court.

The right pair of shoes for wide feet should cost around $80 – $120.

Best Tennis Shoes For Arthritis

Shoes with good support around the ankles and sides as well as extra cushioning will work best for people who have weak arches or arthritis.

The right pair of shoes for arthritis should cost around $80 – $120, but if you notice that your feet hurt especially after a long day of playing then it’s best to get shoes with even more cushioning.

Best Tennis Shoes For High Arches

High-arched feet do not need any special features in their tennis shoes, but it’s still recommended that they wear a light pair of tennis footwear since they hit the ball lighter than other players.

The right pair of shoes for high arches should cost around $70 – $90.

Tennis Shoes Brands

There are many different brands of tennis shoes on the market, but it’s important to note that not all brands are created equally. Some are made with cheap materials and won’t last as long as others.

So before buying a pair of tennis footwear, do some research and find out which brands have good reviews and what kind of quality you can expect.

Best tennis shoes brands in 2022 are:

  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Asics
  • New Balance
  • Saucony
  • Under Armour

Tennis Shoes Tennis Court Wise

Best Tennis Shoes For Hard Courts:

  • Asics Gel Solution Speed 2 Women’s Running Shoes. If you’re looking for something that is lightweight and has good support, then the Asics Gel Solution Speed 2 will work great for you. They give you great lateral support so you can play without getting hurt.
  • Nike Women’s Air Zoom Strong. If you’re a beginner and want a shoe with a lot of cushioning, then the Nike Women’s Air Zoom Strong  is recommended for you. They have great cushioning through the midsole as well as a lot of support.

Best Tennis Shoes For Clay Courts:

  • If you’re looking for the right pair of sneakr to wear on clay then it’s best to look for a shoe that has a soft outsole so it won’t damage the court underneath. It’s also good to look for more cushioning since you will be playing more intensely on clay courts.
  • Nike Women’s Court Lite Tennis footwear. The Nike Women’s Court Lite  is recommended because they are made with strong materials that will not harm the court underneath you as you play on it, and also has a good amount of cushioning as well as extra support.
  • New Balance Women’s Wrt300v3 Clay Court Tennis Shoe. If you’re looking for a shoe that is very light and has decent cushioning then the New Balance Women’s Wrt300v3  is recommended for you.

Best Tennis Shoes For Beginner Men On Hard Courts Are:

  • Nike Men’s Court Lite Tennis. The Nike Men’s Court Lite  is recommended because they are made with strong materials that will not harm the court underneath you as you play on it, and also has a good amount of cushioning as well as extra support.
  • Saucony Men’s Cohesion 6 Running Shoe. If you’re a beginner and want a shoe that is lightweight yet still provides decent support, then the Saucony Men’s Cohesion  is recommended for you.


Q. Can I wear running shoes to play tennis?

A. Can I wear running shoes for tennis? The best answer is No. Running shoes are designed to give you more support, which is bad for tennis players since support to your feet will not be needed.

Because the soles of running shoes are made with thick rubber, it can also damage the court that you are playing on as you move around. This means that if you play on hard courts then running shoes will not be suitable for you.

Q. What makes a tennis shoe different?

A. There are a few different features that make a tennis shoe different from other shoes. One main feature is the material of the upper which needs to be flexible and thin so as not to interfere with your movement on the court. The sole also makes it a great deal, as well as good cushioning and support.

Q. Can I wear basketball shoes for tennis?

A. Can you wear basketball shoes for tennis? The best answer is NO! Tennis and basketball are two different types of sports that require different moves and motions, therefore wearing a shoe that was designed for one sport onto another will not be comfortable or helpful.

Basketball footwear tend to be less flexible compared with tennis footwear and also tend to have thicker soles which can damage the court below you.

Q.Are tennis shoes and sneakers the same thing?

A. Tennis shoes and sneakers are different. Sneakers tend to be more casual than tennis shoes and have a bit of cushioning in the midsole that provides extra comfort for your feet. Tennis Shoes on the other hand can have more traction on them which is useful when playing on hard courts, whereas sneakers have less.

Tennis footwear also usually have thinner soles which can be bad for some people, whereas sneakers have thicker soles that provide more cushioning.


After reading this article you should have more knowledge on what shoes to wear for tennis, and if not then keep looking. All the information above is true according to our research, but it is still important that you are convinced in your own mind that the information above is correct before trying out any of the footwear mentioned. Another thing you can do is ask a more experienced expert or friend about their opinion!

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