Tennis Shoes Vs Running Shoes – Best Guide (2022)

There is a lot of confusion between tennis shoes vs running shoes. Many people believe that they are the same thing, but this is not the case.

In fact, there is a difference between running and tennis shoes. which are explained in this post.

Keep reading to find out about court shoes vs running shoes!

Tennis Shoes Vs Running Shoes

Tennis Shoes Vs Running Shoes

A tennis shoe is specially designed for playing tennis. This footwear will have a non-marking, sticky rubber sole with limited tread, as well as not too much cushioning and support.

Tennis shoes are specifically designed to be used on hard courts; they can’t withstand the wear and tear that running shoes endure and offer less traction than traditional running shoes (not to mention, they don’t typically provide enough support or cushioning for long-distance running).

A running shoe is designed to absorb impact from repeated use. Running shoes should be flexible with a lot of cushioning and arch support due to their frequent use on different terrains such as asphalt roadways, concrete paths (sidewalks), grassy fields, or athletic tracks. Most running shoes have a lot of cushioning, are slightly more rigid than tennis footwear, and should provide support for your arches.

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Difference Between Tennis Shoes And Running Shoes

Difference Between Tennis Shoes And Running Shoes

Intended Use

The biggest difference between tennis shoes vs running shoes is their intended use; the first difference you’ll notice is that tennis footwear will be lighter, thinner, and less supportive than running shoes. Tennis players do not run around on asphalt or concrete surfaces as runners do, so there’s no need to give them the same type of shoe support.


A second (and probably most obvious) difference between tennis shoes and running shoes is the materials they’re made with; court shoes typically mesh while running sneakers are usually made of leather. Leather offers more durability than mesh, but both can withstand regular exercise routines.

Tread On The Bottom 

The third difference between court shoes vs running shoes is the tread on the bottom of each. A typical court shoe has a non-marking rubber sole with limited tread while running shoes are made with more aggressive outsoles for traction. This is to help runners maintain their footing when they come off of asphalt surfaces onto grass or gravel, which can cause them to slip if proper grip isn’t maintained.

Laces or Lace-Up

Tennis shoes only have laces (or occasionally thin elastic bands) to tighten them whereas running sneakers will usually have wide Velcro (or even lace-up) closures due to the additional support needed. Strength and flexibility go hand in hand; if you get a shoe that’s too rigid, it won’t be able to bend and flex with your foot as you move.

Flexible Out And Mid Soles

Tennis shoes have a flexible outsole, while running shoes have flexible midsoles and supportive uppers. In some cases, the difference between a good pair of tennis shoes and a bad one is whether or not they’re made from leather or mesh.

Price Level

Sometimes, tennis vs running shoes can come down to price and design differences. A high-quality pair of court shoes can cost anywhere from $50-$150 depending on the brand name and where you buy them from. On the other hand, a decent pair of running sneakers will usually run anywhere from $65-$300+ but may last longer than that if taken care of properly (minus the shoelaces).

running shoes vs tennis shoes


In a nutshell, the difference between tennis shoes vs running shoes is that court shoes are best for short runs on a hard court that isn’t too abrasive. If you’re going to be running long distances or doing cross-training workouts outside of your tennis routine, invest in a quality pair of running sneakers.


  • Can you use running shoes for tennis?

    It’s not a good idea to wear running shoes while playing tennis. Tennis requires way more flexibility from your feet and ankles, which means that you need a shoe that has excellent movement capabilities. Running shoes are not made with the same kind of movement in mind, so you’ll likely have a difficult time moving around on the court. This means that you won’t be able to play your best court game.

  • What is the difference between a tennis shoe and a running shoe?

    A tennis shoe is made for use during physical activity, such as tennis. They’re generally more lightweight than running shoes and don’t feature too much cushioning.
    A running shoe is designed for things like jogging, hiking, and other vigorous activities where the wearer needs extra support. Running shoes tend to be a lot more bulky and sturdy than court shoes, with thicker soles and plenty of cushioning.

  • Can you use tennis shoes for working out?

    Tennis shoes aren’t ideal for exercising because they’re too rigid and don’t provide the same amount of support as running shoes. If you want to wear your tennis shoes when working out, make sure that the activity involves walking or light jogging; trying anything more intense than this can be difficult and unsafe.

  • Are tennis shoes and sneakers the same thing?

    No, tennis shoes and sneakers are not the same things. They may seem like it because they’re both shoes that you wear when playing sports, but they offer different levels of support for your ankles. Sneakers will always be faster to move in than court shoes, which makes them ideal for games like basketball or baseball (where speed is more important than support).

  • Are tennis shoes good for running?

    Tennis shoes aren’t ideal for running, even though they are made to handle physical activities. They don’t feature the same kind of cushioning and arch support that you need in order to perform well when running long distances. If you want to wear your court shoes while exercising, make sure you’re doing something relatively light like jogging or hiking.

  • Are tennis shoes good for walking?

    Court shoes aren’t made for extended walking, so it’s a bad idea to use them as your main pair of kicks when going out on strolls. In most cases, you should be fine wearing them around the block or in a park but if you plan on doing any long-distance walks then you might want to consider getting some boots or footwear that are more suited for this purpose.
    No, you can’t use court shoes for walking. They aren’t designed like running sneakers and won’t offer the same level of comfort or support when on your feet for extended periods of time. If you plan on going for a walk, be sure to wear good-quality walking footwear.

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