Non Marking Tennis Shoes – Best Guide (2022)

It is no secret that tennis shoes are a popular choice for sneakers. They are comfortable and versatile, making them ideal for a variety of activities. What you may not know, however, is non marking tennis shoes.

There is a specific type of tennis shoe designed to avoid leaving marks on the ground. This style of shoe is called a “non-marking” shoe, and it has certain features that make it different from other types of sneakers.

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that won’t leave any marks behind, check out some useful information about non marking tennis shoes in detail before buying a new pair!

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What Are Non Marking Tennis Shoes?

Non Marking Tennis Shoes

Non marking shoes are designed to not leave any marks or scuffs on the surfaces they come in contact with. They are often used by athletes, dancers, and others who need to protect the floors or surfaces where they perform. 


Nonmarking shoes can be made from a variety of materials, but all share the common goal of preventing damage. Most types of non marking tennis shoes are made from leather or suede, materials that won’t leave marks behind when scuffed lightly by a toe against a chair leg. 

Leather and suede make ideal choices for footwear meant for inside use like office or workout settings. They will typically come with rubber soles but may also have leather bottoms

Cleaning Of Non Marking Tennis Shoes

Because most types of non marking sneakers are made from more expensive materials, they tend to require more careful cleaning than other types of sneakers. Brush the dirt off your sneakers or wipe them down with a wet cloth. Avoid using soap or cleaning solvents, as they can damage the surface of your non marking shoes. This will make it difficult to clean stains in the future.


Non marking sneakers can be quite expensive, depending on their material and how delicate they are. If you’re looking for a pair of non marking tennis shoes that won’t break the bank, check out low-top sneakers. 

Low-top options tend to be both durable and affordable, making them ideal choices when it comes to sneakers in general. Low tops typically come with rubber soles but may also have leather bottoms if they are meant for outside use, so pay attention when purchasing this type of shoe!

Slip Resistant

Non marking shoes, by definition, are not supposed to slip. However, it is important to check the product description on any type of shoe before you use it for a specific purpose. 

Some non marking shoes can be worn both indoors and out, but they will have a different sole depending on whether they’re being used inside or outside. For example, rubber usually makes a good choice for a non slip indoor shoe material whereas suede is usually better suited for an outdoor shoe.

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How to know shoe are non marking?

  • If you’re not sure whether your shoe is non-marking, look at the product label. This information will typically be included with a list of features or material information. 
  • You can also inspect your sneaker for certain qualities. For example, suede and leather tend to be good materials for indoor sneakers because they don’t leave marks when scuffed lightly by a toe against a chair leg. 
  • Non marking tennis shoes should have a more durable outsole than typical sneakers that won’t likely leave marks, but if in doubt it’s always best to check!

How to improve traction and grip?

If you need a shoe to improve traction and grip on surfaces, look for nonmarking shoes. These sneakers have special additions, such as a rough rubber sole, that help prevent slipping. 

This is especially important when it comes to athletic activities because an indoor surface can become just as slippery as a wet one if the right precautions aren’t taken!

How to clean scuff marks?

If you accidentally scuff a nearby surface when wearing nonmarking shoes, look for an eraser. This item can help rub out minor scuff marks that are caused by the accumulation of dirt over time. 

If this isn’t enough, try using a magic marker or other writing utensil to color in the scuff mark until it is barely visible before wiping it off with a wet cloth.

So, what type of fabrics can be cleaned with a magic eraser? The magic eraser is primarily made of melamine, a type of resin. It can be used on any fabric without causing damage.

Non marking Tennis shoes sole

The material used on the bottom of non marking tennis shoes can fade if left in the sun too long. Other types of sneakers may start to discolor over time due to use but will typically maintain their original appearance after they’ve been purchased. 

With that said, it’s important to check the product information before you purchase a pair of non marking sneakers to make sure they are designed with the right materials.

Non makring Specialty

What Are Non Marking Shoes?

no mark shoes may be less common than other types of athletic sneakers, but they are becoming more popular in recent years due to an increased focus on indoor activities during both recreational and professional sports events.

If you find yourself needing a pair of new sneakers for playing tennis or if you must wear black shoes at your workplace, consider this type!

different styles

There is some variety when it comes to non marking shoes. Some sneakers will only come in standard colors like white, brown, grey, or navy while others can come in a wider variety of options including flashy styles or even bright colors. 

Check the product information before you buy a pair to make sure they will actually be nonmarking, and also consider checking for specific types of activities you need them for!

Best Non Marking Tennis Shoes

Nike Men’s Lifestyle Sneaker

This sneaker has a design that is inspired by Japanese streetwear and comes in two different colors. The upper is made of synthetic materials with design details that are meant to mimic the feel of rope, and the outsole is lightweight rubber. The EVA midsole provides comfort and can be removed to accommodate inserts.

Adidas Men’s Adiease Lifestyle Sneaker

non marking shoes

The design of this sneaker is inspired by Adidas classic tennis shoes and has synthetic mesh on the upper. The midsole of this shoe is made of EVA, and the rubber outsole has a herringbone non marking tread that provides traction. This sneaker comes in three colors.

Non Marking Tennis Shoes

How To Buy Non Marking Tennis Shoes?

Non marking shoes are typically available from any brick-and-mortar store that sells tennis apparel, but they may also be found through a variety of online retailers. Don’t forget to check for special deals before making your purchase!

Kids Wear In Gym Class

While it is important for kids to learn the basics of taking care of their possessions, parents should take into account children’s activity levels when deciding whether non marking shoes will work for them. These types of sneakers are designed with added durability and grip-friendly features so if your child hits the playground often during class why not try some? But keep in mind, this type is not appropriate for young children who have a tendency to be hard on their possessions.

Features Of Non Marking Tennis Shoes

Nonmarking shoes can be an important tool for everyone from nurses and teachers to gamers and even sports fans. They are designed with durability and safety features that make them great all-around sneakers suitable for a variety of situations! So if you haven’t been given non marking tennis shoes before consider trying some out the next time you need new sneakers!

Nonmarking tennis shoes are important for a variety of reasons.

  1. First, they can help prevent slips in wet areas like hospitals, hotel lobbies, and other public spaces where a good grip is needed to avoid accidents.
  2. Second, these types of sneakers don’t show marks when walked on which is perfect for indoor settings where dark colors tend to show dirt easily!
  3. Third, the rubber soles used in this style make them excellent long-lasting alternatives to regular black sneakers.


The bottom line of why non marking tennis shoes are important is that they can help prevent slips of the feet in wet areas, don’t show marks on dark surfaces and last longer than regular black sneakers! Check out some brands today before your next purchase!


  • Are all tennis shoes non marking? 

    No. There are specific types of tennis shoes called “non-marking”. While many tennis shoes are non-marking, not all are.

  • Are Nike running shoes non-marking? 

    No. Nike running shoes are an example of a common type of tennis shoe that is not non-marking.

  • Are clay tennis shoes non-marking? 

    While clay tennis shoes is an example of a type of tennis shoe, they are not non-marking. Please keep in mind that there are specific types of tennis shoes called “non-marking”.

  • Can I wear non marking tennis shoes on the carpet? 

    Some types of nonmarking tennis shoes can work on carpet, but others cannot. Please keep in mind that not all tennis shoes are non-marking.

  • Are running shoes non marking?

    No. While many running sneakers are nonmarking it is not true that all are.

  • Are basketball shoes non marking? 

    In most cases, yes. Most types of basketball shoes are available as nonmarking varieties.

  • Are Converse All Stars non marking? 

    No. While most types of tennis shoes are available as non-marking, not all are. Converse All-Stars is an example of a type of tennis shoe that is not non-marking.

  • What types of sneakers are non marking?

    All types of sneakers, including running shoes and even Converse All-Stars, are available in a nonmarking variety.

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