5 Ways How To Wear Shoes That Are Too Big? Best Guide (2022)

When you are looking for a new pair of shoes, you might find that there are some in your size that are too big. This can be a bit of a problem, but it’s not insurmountable. There are ways how to wear shoes that are too big? and this article will tell you how. Keep reading to learn more.

How To Make Wide Shoes Fit Tighter?

How To Wear Shoes That Are Too Big

First, how do you tell if your shoes too long? This is easy to do. If you have a finger that can fit between your heel and the back of the shoe when you are wearing them, then they are probably too big. 

Generally speaking, when there is only one finger’s space between your heels and the backs of your shoes, then they’re a good fit. However, some people may have thicker or thinner feet than others so how many inches away their heels should be from the back of their sneakers varies. 

In this case, it’s best to try on different sizes of shoes until you find ones that fit properly. When you do find a pair of shoe that fit well, secure them with a strong adhesive at the heel and keep them on hand for days when you need a quick fix.

Following Are Methods If You Don’t Know How Can I Wear Shoes That Are Too Big?

Wear Socks With The Shoes

If you are wearing the wrong size of shoes it’s usually because, despite how they look on your feet, their sizes are deceiving. This is common with sneakers that taper toward the toes, but not always. 

If the shoe is just slightly bigger than what you need, wear thick socks to compensate for how loose they are. Thin socks will have little effect if your shoe size is way off. best insoles for shoes that are too big is also another solution.

Using Newspapers Or Tissue Paper 

If the shoe is just a bit bigger than you want, then there’s no problem. You can simply stuff the toes with some tissue or newspaper to take up some of that space. 

The disadvantage to this trick is that it doesn’t work for thickly padded shoes like sneakers; you’ll need to find another shoe size that fits how you want them to.

Luckily, there are other ways of wearing 1size bigger shoes. For instance, there’s always the option of how to make big shoes fit smaller. 

You may not be able to get rid of how much extra space your feet have in your new pair of shoes entirely but there are things you can do (like squeezing your toes together) which should reduce how much extra space you have in your shoes. 

Also how to wear shoes that are too big? is not that complicated either. If the shoe fits how you want it to but there’s still some extra space at the front of your shoe, try how to fold over big shoes.

Wear Tight-Fitting Thick Socks For Big Shoes

Socks For Big Shoes

You can try putting a tight-fitting sock over your shoes and securing it with tape. Use either 3M or masking tape because they’re good at holding the sock to the sneaker without ripping the fabric of your socks. 

This will help fix sneakers that are too big but not too loose and you don’t want to squeeze your feet into shoes that fit properly.

If all else fails, there are also ways how to wear shoes that are too big. If you buy some cheap foam insoles from a drugstore, cut them up and stuff them inside your sneaker to take up space they won’t otherwise use (for instance, if there’s still plenty of room in the sneaker even though they fit how you’d like them to). 

The added benefit to this solution is also that you get to choose how thick your shoes are. Just make sure your sneaker are clean before you put the insoles in them.

how to make big shoes fit smaller

Put Heel Grips On The Bottom Of Your Feet 

You can buy heel grips at your local drugstore or online. They are small rubber pads that stick on the bottom of your sneaker and they help keep them from slipping off

This is a solution for shoes that aren’t too loose (i.e. there still isn’t much spare space in them even with the insoles), which you don’t want to lose because they’re already comfortable how they are.

If shoes are still too loose even after you’ve tried all these techniques (even though this isn’t likely), and you may not solve the issue of how to wear shoes that are too big then it’s time to go shopping for sneakers half size smaller than how they should be. 

This is usually not problematic because sneaker stretch over time anyway so shoes that used to fit how you wanted them will eventually fit just fine with some casual wear. 

There is a saying that shoes will always end up being too big or too small. Maybe it’s not a question of shoes being too big, but the fact that shoes fit how you want them to most of the time and you don’t have a problem with sneakers being loose. So, if shoes are half size too big, they aren’t really “too big” they just might be a bit comfier this way.

Tie Shoelaces Around Your Ankles

You can also tie your shoelaces around your ankles to keep them from flapping about and slipping off. This is a good last-minute solution for shoes that are too big but not half-size bigger (i.e. there’s still some spare room in them after you’ve put the insoles inside). 

If only the edge of the shoes is seen, then it’s still possible that this solution will hold. Above mentioned solutions will probably solve your issue of how to wear shoes that are too big.


Shoes can be half size too big for someone’s feet and there are ways how to wear shoes that are too big. better even though they’re oversized. If you put some newspaper inside your shoe before wearing them then they’ll take up more space which gives you smaller shoes. Just keep in mind that wearing sneakers is supposed to be a comfortable experience. If you’re going to try and make any of these methods work, do your best to make them fit comfortably with some casual wear since it isn’t w


  • What if dress shoes too big?

    If your dress shoes are only half a size bigger than usual, then you can try using some insoles to fill up the extra space. This can help tighten them in that area and make them more comfortable to wear. 
    However, if the shoes are too big for you even with the insoles, then there’s always the option of putting newspaper inside of your dress shoes before wearing them. This sometimes works, but not every time.
    Finally, never get discouraged if none of these methods work for you. You might be able to find another pair of shoes in your exact size somewhere else along with someone who is willing to trade with you. 
    Remember that it always helps to keep looking until something comes along!

  • How to make sneakers smaller?

    You can try using insoles to fill up the extra room inside your sneakers. This is probably the most effective way of doing so, but it would only work if you have some thick insole that will fit into your shoe. 
    If this doesn’t work then you can either tie your shoelaces around your ankles or put newspaper inside of them before wearing them. Both these methods are not guaranteed to work for every sneaker out there, but they’re still worth mentioning since they’re decent options if your insole tactic didn’t pan out.

  • How to fix shoes that are too big in the heel?

    There are a few methods that you can try for this. You can either tie your shoelaces around your ankles to keep them from slipping off, try taping the inside of the heel with some moleskin so it won’t slip as much, or there’s also the method where you put newspaper inside your shoes before wearing them. There are benefits and drawbacks to each method so choose carefully which one you want to use.

  • How to make shoes tighter in the heel?

    You can try wearing heavy socks with your shoes to make your feet feel bigger and take up more room inside the shoe. Then there’s also the method of putting newspaper inside of your shoes before wearing them which is another way for tightening shoes in the heel. Both methods have been known to work, but this really just depends on how much extra space you’re trying to fill up with either one of these two options.

  • How to wear too big heels?

    It’s actually pretty easy for women who need to wear high heels that are a little bit too small since they don’t necessarily have laces or any sort of shoelace system like men’s dress shoes do. 
    The best solution would be some insoles (if possible) to fill up the extra space in your heels, but if that doesn’t work then you can either put newspaper inside of your shoes before wearing them or tape the heel with moleskin. 
    There are other methods for making high heels fit more comfortably, so just try whichever fits your style best.


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