How To Dye Canvas Shoes Without Dying The Rubber

Canvas shoes are a great way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe, but they can be tricky to keep looking fresh. If you’re not careful, the dye in your shoes can start to wear away, and you’ll wind up with a pair of shoes that look outdated and tired. How to dye canvas shoes without dying the rubber?

The best way to dye canvas shoes without dying the rubber is to use a temporary hair dye.

In this article, we’ll show you how to dye canvas shoes without dying the rubber. This method is both safe and effective, so you can rest assured that your shoes will stay look fresh for a long time to come.

The Best Methods For Dyeing Canvas Shoes

There are a few different ways that you can dye canvas shoes without dying the rubber.

Use A Hair Dye

The first method is to use a hair dye. Hair dyes are temporary, and they will not damage the rubber around your shoes.

How To Apply Hair Dye:

  • 1.  Apply the dye to your hair as usual.
  • 2.  Take a plastic bag and cut off one of the bottom corners, so that it’s large enough to fit over your shoes.
  • 3.  Squeeze some of the dye onto the plastic bag, and then apply it to your shoes using a brush or cloth.
  • 4.  Leave the dye on for 10-15 minutes, then remove it with warm water and a cloth or brush.

Use A Fabric Dye

Another option is to use a fabric dye. Fabric dyes are also temporary, and they will not damage the rubber around your shoes.

How To Apply Fabric Dye:

  • 1.  Apply a little dye to the fabric, using a cloth or brush.
  • 2.  Make sure that the fabric is completely covered in dye.
  • 3.  Allow the dye to stay on for 10-15 minutes, then remove it with warm water and a cloth or brush.

Use Adhesive Spray Paint

Another way to dye canvas shoes is with an adhesive spray paint product. These products do not require any commercial preparation, and they are very easy to use. You simply need to apply the paint directly to the surface of your shoes.

How To Apply Adhesive Spray Paint:

  • 1.  Remove the label from the adhesive spray paint can, and then unscrew the top.
  • 2.  Pour a small amount of adhesive spray paint into your hand, and then use it to cover one side of your shoe.
  • 3.  Place your shoe back on its correct foot, and make sure that the glued side is facing down towards the ground or fabric you are trying to dye.
  • 4.  Hold the shoe in place for a few seconds, then take it off and wait 20-30 minutes before attempting to remove the paint.

If You’re Not Sure Which Method To Use

If you’re not sure which method to use, you can try both methods and see which one works better for you.

How Long Does Your Shoe Last With This Method?

If you want to dye your shoes without dying the rubber, this method will give you a fresh look for months and months. If there are any other questions about how often we use colored socks on our website that is not explained above or have no specific topic having in mind, feel free to ask us all of them here!

dye canvas shoes without dying the rubber

Get all the ingredients you need

To dye canvas shoes without dying the rubber, you’ll need:

  • Hair dye
  • Canvas shoes
  • Razor or Xacto knife
  • Paintbrush or small brush -Permanent marker or paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Water bottle


  1. Prep the shoes by cutting off the excess fabric around the shoe’s ankle, if applicable. This is necessary so that you can get a good grip on the shoe when dyeing it. Alternatively, you can secure your shoes with some painter’s tape before beginning.
  2. Dye your canvas shoes according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Once the dye has fully set, you can start sanding off the excess color. If you want a more finished look, you can also apply some sealant afterward to protect your shoes from future fading.
  4. Wash your canvas shoes in cold water before wearing them again.
  5. Enjoy your new, colorful shoes!

Dye colors that work best on canvas shoes

There are many different dye colors that will work best on canvas shoes, so it’s up to you to find the one that looks the best on your individual pair of shoes.

  • Try mixing different shades together until you find something that works perfectly for you.
  • Be sure to test out the dye on a small inconspicuous area first so that you know how it will react before applying it to your entire shoe.
  • If you’re looking to get a more durable dye color, try using an oil-based dye instead of a water-based one.

This will provide better protection against fading and weathering in the future.

How to apply the dye to your canvas shoes?

There’s no one right way to dye your canvas shoes, so feel free to experiment until you find a method that works best for you.

Some people prefer to dye their shoes all at once while others like to do it step-by-step.

Either way, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully in order to achieve the desired results.

tips for too light or too dark

If your shoes turn out lighter or darker than you anticipated, don’t worry.

You can always adjust the dye color until you get the look that you’re going for.

Alternatively, if your shoes are too light, try adding a little bit of dark dye to achieve the desired results. And vice versa–if your shoes are too dark, try adding a little bit of light dye to achieve the desired results.

Either way, it’s always best to test out different dye colors on a small inconspicuous area before applying them to your entire shoe.

problems during the dyeing process

If you run into any problems while dyeing your shoes, don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional.

Some common problems that can occur during the dye process include uneven coloring, accidental spills, and poor adhesion.

If any of these things happen to you, be sure to take some photos or videos in order to document the problem for later reference.

tips for keeping dyed canvas shoes looking great

1.  Store your shoes in a cool, dark place

2.  Wash your shoes frequently to prevent a build-up of dye and dirt

3.  Make sure the area where you’re applying the dye is clean and free from any oils or grease

4.  Prepare your shoes for dyeing by shampooing them and removing any dirt or stains

5.  Apply the dye using a brush, spray bottle, or sponge

6.  Be patient–thoroughly dyeing a pair of shoes can take up to an hour


Canvas shoes are a classic style that never goes out of fashion. But how to dye canvas shoes without dying the rubber? Our step-by-step guide will show you how to dye canvas shoes without damaging the rubber, so you can enjoy your favorite shoes for years to come!


Does Rit dye work on rubber?

Yes, Rit dye does work on rubber.

How do you get dye off rubber?

Rit dyes do not work on rubber. If you want to dye your rubber shoes, you will need to use a different type of dye.

What can you use to dye canvas shoes?

You can use Rit dye, any other type of shoe dye, or a varnish to color your shoes.

Can I dye my shoes at home?

Rit does not work on rubber. To get dye off of rubber, you can use a detergent and scrubbing agent. For example, you could use dish soap or laundry detergent.

How can I dye my shoes without dying rubber?

Rit dye is not recommend to use on rubber products as it may cause damage. There are a few ways to remove dye from rubber products- either by using an acetone-based cleaner, boiling the item in water, or using a pressure washer. You can also try using nonionic surfactants like Dawn or Davy’s Daughter which will help loosen and remove the pigment without damaging the surface.

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