How Tennis Shoes Should Fit | Detailed Guide (2022)

According to the “big data” experts at Amazon, nearly half of all Americans struggle to find shoes that fit correctly. And this isn’t just an issue for people who don’t have symmetrical feet – even people with regular-sized feet can have trouble finding shoes that fit well. So how tennis shoes should fit?

According to Amazon, the best way to find tennis shoes that fit well is to try them on in a store and adjust the straps as necessary. You should also make sure that the shoes are comfortable, supportive, and sized according to your feet’s size. And if you can’t find tennis shoes that fit well in stores, consider buying sports socks or inserts to add extra cushioning and support when wearing tennis shoes.

In this article, you will learn how to find tennis shoes that fit well and how to adjust them if they don’t.

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How Tennis Shoes Should Fit?

how tennis shoes should fit

The comfort and Fit of a durable pair of tennis shoes have no parallel. It becomes a valuable possession especially when you are an athlete who cannot afford to lose a game merely for wearing the wrong kicks. And then the discomfort, rash, and muscle stress of wearing the wrong shoe type or size are not bearable at any cost.

Therefore, wisely invest your time and efforts in making this selection. Are you still confused about which factors need to be considered? Say bye to your worries and confusion. Consult the following 5 key factors for a quick fix to this issue. 

1. Accurately Measure your Shoe Size 

Accurately measure the length and width of your foot with the help of a suitable measuring instrument such as a measuring tape. Try to be as precise as possible. It is because every calibration matters and can possibly change the shoe size that is suitable for you.

For instance, if your foot length is 10.5 inches or above you are advised to go for a shoe size of 11. Yes, it is as simple as that. The only trick here is to measure the width of your foot as well. Otherwise, you are most likely to miss out on the answer to your question “How tennis shoes should fit?”

2. Try and Test

When you visit a nearby shoe shop, you find hundreds and thousands of tennis shoes available in different colors, sizes, and types. This variety sometimes serves as a blessing in disguise. It not only allows you to try and compare two different options but also makes it easier for you to pick and choose sensibly.

Therefore, never settle on the first shoe that captures your eye. Try at least 5 different options, wear them and take a round around the shop to see if you are selecting a perfect pair or not. If a shoe fails to live up to your expectations of comfort and grip, reject it without any second thoughts. It will save you from wasting your money on a useless pair of kicks. 

3. Reassure yourself before you settle on a pair 

Once you have tried 4 to 5 different pairs of tennis shoes, you can now decide on a pair or two. Set them aside and wear them one after the other. Try and compare to judge which pair offers a glove-like fit. Reassure yourself and realign your thoughts on how should sneakers fit?

If the selected pair fits your criteria of unparalleled tennis kicks, grab it without wasting any other second of your precious time. However, do not hurry, take your time, try and try again until your mind completely settles on an option. Because after all, it’s about your ease, comfort, and contentment.

4. A tried and tested formula for tennis shoe sizing

Studies reveal a few interesting findings on how should tennis shoes fit, Let’s spare some time to grasp this knowledge. It will help you hunt for the perfect shoe like a Pro.

  • An ideal tennis shoe must offer a glove-like fit.
  • It must cushion your heel completely without constricting your toes.
  • Heel cups are available for people with extremely skinny heels.

If a pair of athletic shoes feel good on your feet fulfilling the aforementioned criteria of selection, you must purchase them without any further considerations.  However, for further assurance, you may go for a finger test if you are confused about how to tell if the shoes fit rightly?

5. Finger Test 

Simply insert a finger between your heel and the back of your shoe. It should easily snuggle into the shoe without applying any extra force or pressure. Otherwise, you are advised to reconsider your selection. Another valuable tip is to choose a pair that is as wide as the width of your feet. Here again, be precise with the measurements. A minor mistake can lead to huge trouble later on or you can try PUMA Women’s Carina Sneaker

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how should shoes fit?


In the light of these discussions, you must have already made up your mind on how Tennis Shoes Should Fit? Go with your selection but do not forget to choose the right shoe size that snuggles your feet without any discomfort. After all, you can conquer the world only by wearing the right pair of shoes. So, equip yourself with the best, smash and hit and let the world praise your tennis-playing tactics forever. 

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  • How to choose the right pair of tennis shoes?

    A pair that snuggles your feet without constricting your toes or making you feel uncomfortable is undoubtedly the right one for you. However, the only key is to make no compromise on the size, fit, and grip of the shoe. Another noteworthy aspect is to make this selection according to the type of tennis court. It will help you take an optimal decision.

  • Is there any difference between tennis shoes and running shoes?

    Tennis Shoes are often confused with running shoes but the two are entirely different from one another in terms of construction and purpose. Running shoes are focused on cushioning your feet and thus their heels are soft and thick. On the other hand, stability is the most important factor when it comes to tennis shoes. Therefore, these shoes are heavy, stiff, and sturdy.

  • How should tennis shoes fit?

    Tennis shoes must offer a glove-like fit where your toes must not feel constricted. 

  • How to tell if I have purchased the right tennis shoes or not?

    The finger test is one of the several different ways used to identify if you have chosen the right tennis shoes or not. Insert a finger between your heel and the back of the shoe. If it slips in without any discomfort or pressure, you are good to go. 

  • Is it preferred to go up a size for buying tennis shoes?

    A perfect pair of tennis kicks must cushion your heel completely. It not only grips your feet but also aids traction. Therefore, if you are looking for tennis shoes, you must not up a size.

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