How Much Do Tennis Shoes Weigh?

It’s no secret that tennis shoes come in a variety of weights. Heavier tennis shoes provide more stability and durability, while lighter tennis shoes allow for greater speed and maneuverability. But how much do tennis shoes weigh? And what factors influence the weight of a particular pair of sneakers? In this blog post, we’ll explore the different factors that affect shoe weight, as well as highlight some of the heaviest and lightest tennis shoes on the market. So whether you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers to hit the courts with or simply curious about this aspect of shoe design, read on!

How Much Does A Pair Of Shoes Weigh

How Much Do Tennis Shoes Weigh

Tennis shoes are typically divided into three types:

  • Low-top
  • Mid-top
  • high-top

Low-top sneakers are usually lighter than their high-top counterparts due to the lack of support in the ankle area. However, this is not always the case – some high-top sneakers weigh almost as little as low-top models! As a general rule of thumb, however, expect sneakers with higher cuts to be heavier than those with lower cuts. This is especially true for shoes designed specifically for tennis – they’re meant to provide additional stability on the court.


As far as the materials used to construct a shoe, leather shoes are typically heavier than rubber ones. Those who play tennis on clay courts will likely want to look for shoes made with synthetic mesh uppers; these prevent mud from building up inside the shoe and weighing it down. As you might expect, shoes with higher-quality cushioning weigh more than those without. However, even the lightest models still provide good shock absorption for your arches and heels (and not all that extra weight is necessarily bad for your joints).


The most obvious factor influencing How much do tennis shoes weigh? is its size – bigger shoes tend to be heftier than smaller ones. However, this does not mean that larger models cannot be lightweight, or those smaller ones must be heavy. As mentioned above, the design of a shoe also plays an important role in its weight. Generally speaking, shoes with fewer seams and less stitching are lighter than those with multiple components and layers – but again, there are plenty of exceptions to this rule.

Male vs Females Shoes weigh

Shoes designed for men and women weigh roughly the same.

Mostly, this is because both genders require a lightweight option that still provides good arch support and stability.

However, some models are specifically made with females in mind; these do tend to be slightly lighter than their male counterparts (primarily due to smaller sizes).

Many shoe manufacturers make shoes for specific purposes – such as low- to mid-level tennis matches or elite professional ones. As you might expect, one of these categories tends to weigh less than the other.

Once again, however, this isn’t always the case – there are plenty of heavy models meant for everyday wear, while several lightweight pairs are designed for competitive matches.

The Heaviest Tennis Shoes 

While there are a number of heavy tennis sneakers out there, one of the most notable is the Asics Gel Resolution. This rubber shoe weighs 12 ounces – nearly as much as many high-top models!

In second place for weight is another well-known model: the New Balance 996. 

Best known for their athletic shoes, New Balance has gained a stellar reputation in baseball and other ball sports due to their commitment to comfort, cushioning, and support. Their 996 model is no different; this sneaker boasts a synthetic mesh upper with a removable foam liner that promises an especially comfortable experience on the court (especially when paired with custom orthotics). 

Shipping Shoes Weigh

All weight factors aside, the weight of a tennis shoe is not necessarily indicative of how much it will weigh when shipping. In general, sneakers can be sent either by ground mail or by air – both have different weight limits.

Ground Mail

If your package weighs less than 70 pounds and you choose to ship it via ground mail, then all weight restrictions aside it should arrive at its destination within 5-7 business days. This mode of shipping is usually less expensive; however, larger shoes may need to be shipped in more than one box (which increases your shipping costs).

Air Mail

UPS and FedEx provide several weight options for their customers depending on where you live and what type of delivery service you select. If you plan on shipping weightier tennis shoes with FedEx, it is recommended that your total weight does not exceed 70 pounds. This option may be more expensive than ground mail – but there are no volume limits, and most custom footwear can be shipped within one box.

So whether you’re shopping for a new pair of sneakers or simply curious about the weight of different models, hopefully, this post will help answer some questions! By knowing what to look out for when buying a new pair of tennis shoes, you’ll ensure that you get an appropriate weight suitable for your specific needs. And if you’re looking for something durability of tennis shoes, check out our article on how long do tennis shoes last?

What are the heaviest tennis shoes available on the market?

Heavyweight sneakers are often designed for durability and stability – with some weighing as much as 22 oz. While these options do not typically make it onto the courts, they’re great for hitting various training drills or playing pick-up games in the park.

The material that a shoe is made from usually accounts for a fair amount of its weight, along with the build construction and design. While different types of materials have their own benefits and drawbacks, there are some common choices used throughout the industry:

  • Full grain leather – This is one of the most common materials used for tennis shoes, due to its durability and breathability. However, it does tend to be on the heavier end of the spectrum (usually around 10 oz).
  • Textile mesh – A mesh upper with synthetic overlays is another common material choice for athletic sneakers. This type of build can weigh nearly half as much as a full grain leather upper, which can make a huge difference when playing a physically demanding sport like tennis.
  • Synthetic leather – A synthetic leather build with mesh or other materials is a great option for tennis players looking to save some weight without sacrificing too much durability. These combinations are usually lighter than the others mentioned above (usually around 7-8 oz).

FAQ:-How Much Do Tennis Shoes Weigh?

How much does a shoe weigh on average?

The average shoe weighs around 8 oz,  however, there are a few options available on the market that weigh as little as 5 oz.

What factors influence the weight of a particular shoe?

There are many different components to an individual tennis shoes’ weight – some of which include build materials, sizing information, and shipping options.

Are certain types of tennis shoes heavier than others?

In general, men’s shoes are slightly heavier than women’s. Heavier models tend to be built for durability and performance – while lighter ones are often designed with speed and maneuverability in mind. There are, however, plenty of exceptions that buck this trend.

Is it possible to ship a shoe without it weighing too much?

Yes! In most cases, there are no weight limits on how heavy your box can be when shipping from certain carriers. This is usually dependent on what service you’re using and where you’re located.

How much do Nike running shoes weigh?

Nike running shoes tend to weigh around 10 oz, depending on the model.

How much do Adidas running shoes weigh?

Adidas running sneakers usually weigh between 9 and 13 oz.

What countries have the heaviest tennis shoes?

While all athletic sneakers are carefully designed for a specific purpose, some countries have a wider array of weight options available when buying a new pair. Countries like the U.S., Canada, Australia, Germany, and the UK are known for having some of the heaviest shoes in the world.

What countries have the lightest tennis shoes?

There are several countries with lighter models available to their market – including Mexico, Japan, South Korea, and China.

Can you send a shoe by ground mail and not have it weigh too much?

It’s possible to ship sneakers using ground postal services without having them break the 70-pound weight limit if sent via FedEx or UPS. These carriers often offer several options for different regions based on service level, shipping time, and prices.

What are the lightest tennis shoes available on the market?

Typically, lightweight sneakers are designed for speed and maneuverability – with most weighing between 5-8 oz. Tennis shoes that weigh around 4 oz are considered to be some of the lightest on the market. Whether you’re looking for something specifically lightweight or simply prefer wearing lighter shoes.

Where should I look for lightweight tennis shoes?

If you’re looking to save some weight when shopping, try checking out lightweight options designed for speed and maneuverability. These models tend to have the lightest build materials available.

What are the heaviest tennis shoes?

Since heavy sneakers are often designed for durability and stability, they tend to weigh quite a bit. Some of the heaviest tennis shoes can weigh upwards of 22 oz (although these are not usually available on the market).


In this blog post, we’ve highlighted several factors that can influence the weight of a particular pair of sneakers. We hope you enjoyed reading and learned something new about tennis shoes. For more information on how much do tennis shoes weigh? depend on by country and other factors.

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