Can you wear tennis shoes for volleyball? The Ultimate Guide (2022)

Can you wear tennis shoes for volleyball? In some cases, yes – but it’s not a hard and fast rule. There are different factors to take into account when making the decision of what type of shoe to wear for this sport. In this blog post, we’ll explore the options and help you make the best choice for your needs. Read on to learn more!

What are volleyball shoes?

can you wear tennis shoes for volleyball

Volleyball shoes are what you’ll see 99% of the players wearing these days. They are designed specifically for this sport – they have large, solid rubber soles that will help you to jump higher and have better footing.

Also, their thick upper part makes them more durable than regular sneakers. Finally, just like what happens with tennis shoes, volleyball footwear comes with a different type of sole:

  • flat or spongy (for indoor)
  • rubber (for outdoor).

Can you wear volleyball shoes for tennis?

Can volleyball shoes be used for tennis? If you are planning to play both sports at the same time, then yes – although it’s not recommended because it can be dangerous. You run a greater risk of injury when playing multiple sports frequently because your body is always adapting to new types of physical activity.

Tennis shoes don’t have the right type of rubber for what you need – or, at least, they aren’t what is usually found on a volleyball court. Therefore, tennis shoes are best worn only when playing tennis and not any other sport.

Can you wear tennis shoes for volleyball?

Can you wear tennis shoes for volleyball? Yes, but they won’t be as effective as what you’d get if you wore specific footwear made for this game. This doesn’t mean that wearing normal sneakers can never work out – but it’s more likely that they’ll affect your performance in a negative way than positively. This is because their thick soles will not provide enough bounce capability – which might cause problems with jumping too high to block an incoming ball.

Tennis Vs Volleyball

When playing tennis, what you want is to feel the actual surface under your feet. Therefore, what works best for this game are shoes with harder soles than what you get on regular tennis sneakers. In volleyball, what you need is to have a good amount of grip and cushioning – so choose what features these properties most prominently.

As it was previously mentioned, what differs when comparing tennis shoes with volleyball footwear is what each one of these has to offer when it comes to soles. Volleyball sneakers come with rubber soles (flat or spongy), while regular tennis footwear usually boasts a 0 mm drop – which means they don’t provide the proprioceptive feedback that you get on courts. When this happens, your feet can’t get the amount of grip and stability that you need to avoid injuries and get better performance on the field.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have tennis shoes – which come with soles made from either leather or synthetic material (the latter is more common). When we take a closer look at what we’re talking about, we can see that what tennis shoes have to offer in terms of soles is what you’ll get on any other type of sneakers: hard and flat. This might lead to problems with stability and foot injuries – and it can also be dangerous when running fast.

In the end, what’s most important is that you feel comfortable with what you’re wearing when playing volleyball. If what you have on your feet makes you feel more confident and capable of doing what needs to be done – then they are absolutely right for you.

If not, search around until you find what works best for this sport – there are plenty of options to choose from. Sooner or later, by trying out different possibilities, something will click in your head and tell you that what matters the most is right here. 

Volleyball Shoes Vs Running Shoes

A difference between what you wear for both sports is that specific volleyball footwear has thicker uppers than what’s usually found in tennis sneakers. This is because it needs to protect your ankles from being hit by an opponent or a falling ball just as much as it takes care of the rest of your foot. Tennis gear does not offer this particular feature.

When playing volleyball, what you need is specific shoes for this game. These will have thicker soles than what you’ll find in running or training sneakers – in order to better keep your feet on the floor. On the other hand, in tennis what’s most important is that there isn’t too much cushioning between your feet and what you stand on (the court).

Summing up what we said…

Can you wear tennis shoes for volleyball? It’s possible to wear tennis shoes for volleyball, but it’s not recommended by industry experts. They might not provide the needed grip and bounce, which might result in injury over time. For best results, you should always wear volleyball sneakers.


Q. What are common mistakes when wearing tennis shoes for volleyball?

  • Too much movement inside the shoe
  • Incorrect sizing

Q. What is the ideal size of rubber for your shoes?

A. It depends on what you need it for (defense, blocking). If you do not know what type of rubber you should be wearing, consult an expert.

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