Can Tennis Shoes Go In The Dryer? Best Guide (2022)

One question that everyone is wondering is, Can tennis shoes go in the dryer?

Yes, You can put your shoes in a dryer, but you should be cautious because this method can damage the glue holding the shoe together, it can shrink the shoe, and may even ruin the insoles. Unless you have a special drying machine, you should never try this method. 

In this exclusive guide, you’ll discover how safely you can dry your shoes if you’d like to use a dryer, along with some best alternative methods.

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Can Tennis Shoes Go In The Dryer?

When you are in a haste and want a quick dry, then a dryer is a good option but keep in mind the type of shoe. Before putting them in the dryer read the label on your shoes to understand which type of fabric is used and whether is it suitable to dry in the machine.

Can tennis shoes go in the dryer?

Check The Material Of the Shoes

Before drying your shoes, you must check the material of the sneakers.

If your tennis shoes are made from memory foam, the first step to avoiding any damage is to remove the insoles. This will prevent the insoles from shrinking. Can you put shoes in the dryer with a removable insole? yes, make sure they are clean. If they do not fit in the washing machine, it’s best to air dry them. 

  • If you are using leather tennis shoes, they are better cleaned in a washer because the leather will shrink in the dryer.
  • If your shoes are made of fabric, they can be cleaned in a dryer.

use a high-efficiency machine

Using a dryer will remove the dirt and make them look brand new again. You should always use a high-efficiency machine for drying your tennis shoes. 

Dry for a short time

During the dry process, they should not be left in the dryer for long hours. If possible, take them out and let them air dry. that they should be placed in an area that has plenty of air. It is better to keep your shoes out of direct sunlight. 

Temperature Control

The most important thing to remember when washing your tennis shoes is that you must avoid heating them up. The heat can destroy the material that makes the upper of the shoe. After drying, the shoes won’t fit correctly and they won’t look the same.

You should be cautious about the drying temperature of your tennis shoes. The temperature can severely damage the foam and rip it apart. Therefore, dry them in the sun and make sure it is properly dried before using them.

Use Drying Rack In Dryer

Can tennis shoes go in the dryer using drying racks?

Drying shoes in dryer is a good option, but use a dryer with a drying rack that allows you to set the shoes on the shelf. You should not use an automatic dryer for your tennis shoes.

Instead use an air-drying machine to drying. You should also keep in mind the dryer setting for your tennis shoes if they are made of leather.

Before putting your tennis shoes in the dryer, you should place them on a drying rack, suspending them from the door of the dryer. 

Another useful tip is to use large towels to prevent your shoes from becoming wrinkled. This will minimize noise from the drying machine and speed up the drying process. Make sure to read the care label on your tennis shoes carefully to avoid damaging the shoe’s foam padding. 

Depending on the type of material, tennis shoes should never be dried for longer than 20 minutes. If you leave them in the dryer for a longer time, they may even damage the dryer.

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Use An Air Fluff Setting

Can tennis shoes go in the dryer using fluff air option?

If you must dry your shoes in the dryer, make sure that you use low heat. You should also use an air fluff setting to avoid the shoes from warping. The air fluff setting dries items without heating them. Because this mode uses room-temperature air, it is safe for delicate clothes. This setting takes ten to fifteen minutes to fluff an item. 

However, if they are still wet, you should check them periodically. In most cases, they should be completely dry. So, if you are not sure if they are completely dry, you can always place them in the dryer.

In addition to drying shoes, it can also prevent wrinkles on your shoes. Because it uses no heat, it is an excellent option.

Drying Tennis Shoes By hand

The safest and easy way to dry your tennis shoes is by using custom methods instead of using the dryer. The following are easy ways you can use to dry your shoes.

Use A Paper Towel Or Newspaper

The safest way is to use a newspaper or paper towel. This method does not cause any damage to the shoes and is a great DIY option.

In order to do this, you can use a paper towel. This absorbs the moisture from your shoes and keeps them in shape. You can also try air-drying them by placing them near heat or air vents.

Positions in front of fans are also ideal for drying your shoes. but remember that a newspaper has a finished surface. A paper towel will not help you get the job done better, therefore. A kitchen towel will work better.

When you wear your tennis shoes, it is imperative to ensure that they are completely dry before going out.

Use Rice For Drying

The following tips will help you dry your wet shoes quickly and easily. Firstly, you should untie your shoelaces and remove the insoles. Secondly, you need to fill the inside of your shoes with dry rice. 

You can use uncooked rice as a desiccant. It is one of the most effective materials for absorbing moisture, The best way to dry your shoes is to fill a cardboard box with rice. 

Make sure that the box is large enough to accommodate your shoes. Once you have filled the box, leave the shoes overnight and you will be able to see the results quickly. Once the shoes are completely dry, you can remove the rice.


Drying shoes using a short way is easy but some precautions are very necessary. The question Can tennis shoes go in the dryer? Has a clear answer, that is yes but depending on the type of material, the dryer can be used. Keeping in mind the temperature setting of the dryer and timing will give you safe results. Can you put sneakers in the dryer is easy to ask but keeping all the things in mind will produce the required results. Otherwise, you’ll ruin your expensive pair of sneakers.


  • Will tennis shoes damage dryer?

    Depending on the material, your tennis shoes should be carefully cleaned before putting them in the dryer. If they have removable insoles, you should place them on a dry surface to remove excess water. 
    Moreover, make sure you have a lint-free machine and you should choose the correct temperature to use for drying, do not dry for more than 20 minutes in order to prevent your dryer from damage.

  • Is it OK to dry tennis shoes in the dryer?

    It is not recommended to dry tennis shoes in the dryer because it could ruin the shoes. Tennis shoes are made out of synthetic materials that can be damaged by heat. 
    This may also cause shrinkage or wrinkles, which will make the shoe uncomfortable. But if you want you can throw your tennis shoes into the dryer on low heat for 20 minutes.

  • How do you dry tennis shoes after washing them?

    After the shoes have been washed in a washing machine. One option is to dry them in sun before placing them in your shoe rack. The second option is to dry them in the drye

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