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Are Tennis Shoes Business Casual? Historically, tennis shoes were worn exclusively for playing tennis sport, but now they are fashionable choices for business casual wear as well. Many people are unsure if this is appropriate, so let’s explore the topic further. 

When it comes to dressing for work. It may be comfortable to wear sneakers, but some people believe they look unprofessional and too casual in a professional setting. 

Let’s take a closer look at what qualifies as a business casual dress and see if sneakers fit into that category.

Can I Wear Sneakers For Business Casual?

Are Tennis Shoes Business Casual?

As a general rule of thumb, sneakers are not business casual attire. However, there are many exceptions to this rule. It is always better to be cautious at work and avoid wearing anything that could create doubts about your judgment.

When applying for jobs or interviewing for positions in an office setting, you should always avoid wearing clothing that is too casual or revealing. This holds true even if the dress code indicates “business casual.”

To help you determine are tennis shoes business casual? Sneakers are truly business casual wear, let’s break down each element of the dress code so we can understand what is appropriate and what is not.


Slacks are acceptable and traditional dress pants are generally allowed, however, they can’t be too tight and they should never be painted on (for the most part). Darker colors are always best. 

Sweaters Or Blazers

If you are in a business casual environment when it is cold, wearing sweaters or blazers with your slacks is perfectly acceptable. Ties are optional but encouraged when it comes to ties for men in the workplace.


Pants must fall at least 1 inch above the ankle so yes, they must be worn with socks. Shoes must also have backs and come in dark leathers or suedes that match well with each other if there is more than one color of the shoe.


The question are converse business casual? No, Sneakers are not allowed to be worn in place of dress shoes because they are not made out of leather and are usually not suede so the match will never work.

Lastly, business casual attire is suitable with jackets and ties when it’s cold outside. The same goes for sweaters with long sleeve shirts when it’s appropriate for your work environment or weather conditions. 

are tennis shoes business casual?

White Sneakers Business Casual

Are white sneakers business casual? As a rule of thumb, white sneakers or athletic sneakers, in general, do not fall under the category of business casual because they are too casual. For example, if you work in a law office, your job is to dress professionally not to look like you just came off the court or out of the gym.

The same rule goes for black sneakers. While black shoes are always acceptable for business casual, white sneakers are typically not allowed because they have “athletic” written all over them and can be confused as athletic shoes that people wear on their days off from work just to do some recreational activities such as jogging or tennis. 

Even though these sports activities can be perfectly fine for someone who works in an office environment on a daily basis, white sneakers should never be worn as everyday footwear because it’s unprofessional-looking and will make others question your appearance.

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Business Casual Tennis Shoes For Women:

Women are more likely to wear suits rather than a blazer unless your office allows both. Trendy tops are acceptable as long as they are not revealing. You can wear more jewelry if you’d like but no more than two rings per hand are standard, earrings are always fine, and necklaces are encouraged.

Avoid anything that dangles too much as to distract from your face -skirts are allowed and pencil skirts are a popular choice but stay away from anything too short or showing any skin -dress pants are always acceptable, but you can’t wear pantyhose with them so go for knee-highs instead if you’re not comfortable going bare-legged

Dress shoes should match well with pants. business casual outfits with sneakers are never appropriate unless they are white sneakers that look similar to the Converse brand because people typically mistake them for dress shoes although I would still avoid risking it even if the company has a casual environment policy.

Examples Of Business Casual Sneakers

When it comes to dressing business casual, go for blazers instead of cardigans, and stay away from wearing shorts. For women, pencil skirts are the best choice while men are safe with chinos pants

Lastly, wear closed shoes that are comfortable enough not to give your feet problems while still looking professional inside the office. When searching for flat shoes online or in stores. Look at actual customer photos before purchasing so you know what to expect when they are delivered to your doorstep. 

Most likely than not, if you are heading to an interview or meeting clients in person anytime soon, dress shoes are the way to go unless you are looking for business casual outfits that are a bit more conservative to wear in an office setting.


In conclusion, are tennis shoes business casual? tennis shoes are not typically considered acceptable footwear for business casual because they are too sporty to wear every day at work unless you want to be judged by others who are wearing business attire while you are still looking informal and unprofessional. In this sense, sneakers should only be worn for recreational activities or when having gym dates with friends after work or on the weekend during your free time. Sneakers are never appropriate attire to wear in any professional environment where dressing formally is necessary before doing anything else throughout the day until it’s time for you to clock out of your shift.


  • What type of shoes are business casual?

    Business casual shoes are typically dressier sandals, loafers, boots/booties, and flats. These should be paired with business casual outfits such as skirts and dresses. Sneakers such as Converse or Vans are not business casual shoes because they appear too sporty and can be confused with athletic wear. Men can wear dress shoes with khakis or dress pants and women might be able to get away with wearing sneakers if they are in a creative profession. 
    So if you are wondering what type of shoes to wear with business casual outfits, dress shoes, loafers, and flats are your safest bet while sandals might be acceptable in some business casual environments. Business casual outfits are typically worn in creative workplaces where people do not have to dress up in more traditional business attire.

  • Are vans business casual?

    It depends on the type of vans you are talking about. If you are wearing Vans with business casual outfits, they would be considered acceptable as long as they are paired with business casual outfits such as skirts and dress pants or dresses for women. Sneakers are never business casual attire and should only be worn with gym outfits or casual wear such as tracksuit pants and hoodies.

  • Are New Balance shoes business casual?

    New Balance is running shoes and are therefore not considered appropriate business casual attire unless they are paired with business casual outfits such as pencil skirts and dress pants. Sneakers are never appropriate in a business casual environment unless they are worn by people in creative professions who can get away with wearing them.

  • How to wear tennis shoes with dress?

    If you want to wear your running shoes and still look business casual, consider pairing them with business casual outfits such as pencil skirts and dress pants. Tennis shoes are always sporty and should only be worn in informal settings such as with casual clothes or to the gym.

  • Are running shoes business casual?

    No, they are not. They are only appropriate for informal wear such as tracksuits or sweats. They are not appropriate attire to wear in any business setting especially when you will be expected to dress up more.

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